Women with ADHD more often seek to take care of others before themselves.


It's time to take care of YOU.


It's your turn to shower, brush your teeth, take a nap, paint your nails, go for a peaceful walk, and engage in the things that help your body, mind, and soul feel fulfilled and nourished.

Hey There ADHDer,


As you know deep in your gut (and as you also see ALL over social media), women with ADHD have gone under-diagnosed, under-treated, and seriously under-valued. 

The lack of knowledge over the years has lead many women with ADHD to feel lost, disregarded, and ashamed.

We get to live in an era that ENDS this. We have the privilege to support, connect, and empower one another.

The revolution of ADHD Coaching is allowing women to understand what ADHD is, how to advocate for their treatment, and take meaningful steps to build and create a beautifully purposeful life.


Individually, we are brilliant.

As a community, we are unstoppable!

“Saundra is the real deal. She is wicked smart. I have had my eyes open for a great coach for a long time and I am happy that I finally found her! Her background in education means that she gives you solid tools that are designed to throttle you forward. The programs that she created are a huge shortcut to identifying and removing barriers for adults with ADHD!” 

Polly C.


Embrace your ADHD brain in ways that propel you to continuously reach for your infinite potential.

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Learn how to navigate life with ADHD and thrive!

Go from complete chaos to always knowing your next move.

Let your ADHD light shine BRIGHT.


Some questions many women ask

Embrace clarity & a purposeful ADHD life by unravelling the ingrained shame and guilt society has placed on you.

It’s your time to let that sh*t go & prioritize what's meaningful to YOU.

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