Ep 3: Non-Linearity is BEAUTIFUL - 3 ways to embrace it!

Being a human is A LOT to manage. Now, being an ADHD human … take “A LOT” and multiply it by, like, a million!

The demands are simply TOO MUCH. In this episode, we dial it back and play in a safer zone.

We talk about how to play in the safe zone while pushing yourself to grow with any discomfort that comes up.  This is done by determining three main things in your life. Once you have those three things, you'll have all you need to churn your way into a balanced and whole ADHD life.

If you have ADHD and you feel incredibly overwhelmed to the point of shutting down, you absolutely need to listen to this episode. It will help you understand and implement methods to balance your life in a way that aligns exactly for you.

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