Hi! I'm Saundra Brodkin.

ADHD mom, wife, and certified ADHD Life Coach.


There was a time when I was so overwhelmed by my mismanaged ADHD that no matter what I did, things just kept getting worse. It was a downward spiral that seemed to have no end in sight. It was when I finally realized the defeating path I was on and took a step back from trying to fit in that I finally flourished and created my own system to effectively manage my ADHD and thrive.


A little bit about me


From mud sliding and polar bear swims (I loved the rush), all the way to unintentionally defying authority and very often missing important information, I displayed very obvious signs of ADHD as a kid.


When I was 19, my overwhelm hit an all time extreme and I was formally diagnosed with combined type ADHD and Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD). From that moment, I felt a deep sense of responsibility to not let anyone ever have to experience the same intense emotional turmoil. 


So I started opening up to my peers and sharing my story. Which led to opening up to colleagues, bosses, and eventually taking myself online to share with the world.


I continue to talk about the barriers to being diagnosed and receiving services, the amazing impact it had on my ability to create a thriving career, and the way finally understanding my brain helped me grow to sincerely love who I am. 


Now, I'm sharing my story and long-kept secrets with the world and helping women with ADHD lead confident and purposeful lives through my signature program ADHD Unraveled.

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